I Went Ahead and Played a Drinking Game at a Quiet Winery because I’m a Class Act. 

Ahhhh the Winery
What a perfect place to relax, sip a single glass of wine and discuss art and culture. 

The people over at Keys Creek Winery in Escondido were nice enough to invite me in for a tasting. The property is beautiful, the wines delicious and my husband and I decided it was a great opportunity to play a new drinking game he purchased. 

For those of your who don’t already know, I’m married to a NEEEEEERRRRRD. It’s acceptable because he’s attractive, but he plays Dungeons and Dragons like twice a week… it’s the real deal. 
Drinking Quest is a nerdy card game with alcoholism appeal and while obviously not designed to be played with wine due to the chugging component of the game, we had a great time. 
Much like Whose Line Is It Anyway the points don’t matter and there isn’t a way to actually win the game. It’s just a lot of stuff like this: 

I’ve decided that I won because there were less wine chugs involved in my experience but we both left drunk and happy so perhaps we’re both winners. 
Go to the Keys Creek. Bring a game or just bring a picnic like normal people. The owners are super friendly and you can even bring your dog if you’d like. We didn’t..because we’re selfish and wanted to Uber and not care for a living thing while drinking.

Here’s their website:


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