My First Murder Mystery Dinner Experience: So Rad I Could Have Died. 

I’m dipping my toes into the world of participating in ridiculous activities around my hometown of San Diego and then reporting back to you guys. 

My first experience set the bar so high that I should probably just quit now and shut my blog down. 

I’ve been trolling Groupon for YEARS (I love me a coupon) and I’ve been tempted by so many murder mystery dinners, but I’ve never pulled the trigger. ::heh. Heh. I do puns::

The lovely people at The San Diego Mystery Cafe were nice enough to let me come check out their new show I Do, Now DIE- and it about ended my life via laughter. 

I’m not going to summarize the show for you. That would be boring. Instead I’m going to share some photos and hashtag them as if I truly had been a wedding guest at this 1980’s shitshow and brought my Instagram technology from the future. 

Richard and Candi’s first dance. 💕  #DickPutARingOnIt #PrettyInPink #BlushingGroom #ForeverYoursFaithfully 

Totally rad centerpieces. #DickPutARingOnIt #CandiIsAClassAct #AFewPeopleDiedButIEnjoyedMyCake #BonJoviOnSidesAandB 

Mother Of The Groom’s outfit is totes fresh. #DickPutARingOnIt #BoleroToDieFor #HopeSheDoesntActuallyDie #StartingToWonderIfWeAreAllGonnaDie #WorkIt #INeedHerHairDressersNumber

For sure flying this gent out to plan my next event. #DickPutARingOnIt #WeddingPlannerDanceSkillsAreAce #LoveTheseRayBans #SoTotallyInRightNow 

Family Love. ##DickPutARingOnIt #DysfunctionIsSoRad #GagMeWithASpoon #ThanksForHavingUs 
Here’s their website if you guys are as lazy as I am and count on laughter for your monthly ab work out.


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