Ro-Cipes Volume 2: Jalapeñ-Ro Breakfast Waffles


I got married!!!! Now I’m done using planning a wedding as an excuse to do nothing but stare at my instagram feed and think about how pretend busy I am.

I’m sure not touching the election with a blog post so I’ve come to you with my latest moment of culinary genius.

This idea came to me during one of my hungriest moments in life. Hunger is my version of artistic angst. Like musicians write beautiful music while they’re feeling empty inside, I too create my art when my stomach is empty. They’re very similar concepts.

This shit should be on Pinterest. Here we go:

Jalapeñ-Ro Breakfast Waffles.


What You’ll need for 2 servings:

2-3 fresh jalapeños… I didn’t remove the seeds, cuz I like to feel like I’m dying when I eat, but feel free if you’d like.

Waffle Mix… And whatever the waffle mix calls for, I already don’t remember

2 eggs

salt and pepper

Breakfast sausage (However much you want!)

One can of Enchilada sauce

Tomatoes (If you’re gross like my husband and you want that shit on your food.)

And cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese


  1. Chop the jalapeños Like this. Or better, chopping isn’t really my thing.


2. Sautée Them. Like this until they’re not gonna result in a gross crunch in your waffle.


3. Throw them in the batter like this: (there are no instructions on how to make waffle batter, because I believe in you and that’s what the waffle box is for.)


4. Make waffles. Like this:





5. Now. Fry the eggs like this:


Or if you’re like me and have the memory of a goldfish, scramble some first, remember that YOU DID NOT WANT TO PUT SCRAMBLED EGGS ON YOUR MASTERPIECE and then fry an eggs like this.

6. Cook the breakfast sausage. I took a picture, but it’s so boring  you guys. It doesn’t even look pretty and there wasn’t an Instagram filter to fix it. So just cook the fucking sausage. You’re fine.

7. Heat up the enchilada sauce. If you’re really fancy and you can make your own. Do that. And don’t rub it in.

8. Assemble!

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!





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