Pokémon Go Sounds Cool, But Here Are Some Things I REALLY Wish Would Make A Comeback

Ladies and Gents… So far in 2016, Full House made comeback with a terrible revival series, Pokémon Go has us wondering why we ever made fun of the kids who played the original in the 90’s and Blink 182 is desperately trying to make relevant music.

What a time to be alive! 

In my humble opinion, I think we have room to bring some other things back as well.

5 Arby’s Beef & Cheddars for $5. I know. I know. Half of your reached for the nearest trash can to gag into. I’ll be the first (and probably only) to admit that I can remember the excitement I felt when my father would come home with a bag FULL of these delicious treats. A treasure trove of foil-wrapped beauties that first taught me that you CANNOT re-heat things packaged in aluminum in the microwave. Mmmmm. Melted cheese and accidental fires.

Color changing spoons in cereal boxes… You know. I wrote this one down and then I did some research (to think you guys thought this blog was just off the cuff nonsense) and uncovered that these are actually still a thing. I’m just eating the WRONG cereal. Way to go Trix and Fruit Loops for not giving out stickers and 3-D glasses like the other cheap asses.


The Elephant show. Skidamarinki dinky dink! Skidamarinki do! So, I don’t necessarily need this show to make a comeback. BUT! A  “Where are they now” type Netflix original documentary about these 3 would be amazing.


Lastly. Teenagers with a healthy fear of drugs and alcohol and some respect for their elders. Yeah. Let’s bring that back. Preferably before I’m the mother of a teen.


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