Ro-cipes Volume 1: Redefining Crunchy Peanut Butter

For someone who has never smoked weed in their life (this is real, and you can verify with anyone who has ever tried to peer pressure me into it), I sure do snack like a stoner sometimes.

Thus, I’ve decided to start an occasional blog segment dedicated to sharing my late night creations with all of you. I’ll tell you right now… These concoctions typically contain peanut butter or tortilla chips. In today’s instance, It’s JUST peanut butter and tortilla chips.


: 1 (because nobody is gonna eat this with you)


5-10 tablespoons smooth peanut butter

32 tortilla chips (or more because I don’t believe in judgment)

1 sense of adventure


  1. Open the jar of peanut butter
  2. Open a brand new bag of tortilla chips, because if you’re the type of person interested in this blog post… I know you polished off the last bag in one sitting.
  3. Select the sturdiest looking chips in the bag.
  4. Delicately dip your chips individually into the peanut butter using your fingers to support the back of each chip so that they don’t break in the jar.
  5. Put it in your mouth. Enjoy the salty sweet crunch and ignore anyone who questions what you’re doing.

4 thoughts on “Ro-cipes Volume 1: Redefining Crunchy Peanut Butter

  1. Excellent post and recipe!
    You ARE your momma’s daughter. One, because I finished the chips…you left a few and
    2) I too have never smoked weed…just the second hand inhale was enough.


  2. Haha omg girl you are hilarious and very much like my little sister. I will share this ro-cipe with her and I am sure she will enjoy every last bite ! Thanks for the humor today, I really enjoyed reading this you’re amazing ( *crunch* as I finish my bag of chips)!


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