How To Create A Wedding Guest List Without Wanting To Cancel Your Wedding. 

You did it! You found someone who will let you annoy them for the rest of your time on God’s great earth!

Now it’s time to spend your life savings (or the life savings of your proud parents) on throwing a party that some of your guests will inevitably complain about having to attend.

The guest list can be the most stressful aspect of wedding planning. Thanks to my upcoming nuptials, I have some experience and I’m here to help.

Tip 1. Avoid everyone in your social circle that you only kind of like but might feel obligated to invite. I reccommend doing this for the whole year before your wedding. This way, they won’t be expecting an invitation.

Tip 2. Don’t make ANY new friends this year. You’ll make an emotional decision to invite them and then you may never see them again.

Tip 3. Avoid slippery slope invites. For example… If you invite one member of your bowling league, you’re going to need to invite them all. Even Beer Gut Bill.

Tip 4. If your parents are paying for the wedding, they can invite a couple of people you don’t like that much.

Tip 5. Go ahead and invite those embarrassing members of your family you haven’t seen in a while. Consider this memory making in advance.

Tip 6. Remember the guy who drank too much threw up at your birthday party years ago? He’ll do it again. Your call. Just heed my warning.

Tip 7. Whenever your get overwhelmed just gaze into that diamond on your hand.

And Tip 8. Some rare, serious advice. Breathe. Remember. This is one day. Bickering over the guest list is no way to kick off a lifetime together. So let your future hubby invite that friend that you disapprove of for no reason (aside from her big boobs).


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