Embracing Snapchat Filters; Because Everyone Was Tired Of Seeing My Face Without Whiskers

I don’t know when Snapchat transformed from the shadiest app you could own to the dumbest, but I prefer dumb over shady all day long.

I’ve been playing with the new filters. HARD. It’s true that my insides stir when I think about the fact that each day the “featured filter” is just an advertisement in sheep’s clothing, but the little voice inside of me that screams “Doooooo it!!! Stick your tongue out and see what haaaaaaaaappppppens.” always takes over.

Here are today’s results:

Now this one my fiancé accurately described as “The stuff of nightmares”. Although, I’ll tell you what, I wish my lips were that cute in real life.


I feel like I’ve definitely met people who look like this one below. I’m pretty sure they were complaining about the customer service ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE I’VE ENCOUNTERED THEM.

“I’m on my lunch break, and didn’t allow myself enough time to do all my errands and it’s definitely your fault.”



If I ever get pulled over again, I plan to ask the cop if I’m pulling this off. My track record isn’t great so…any day now.

This one is just to remind you guys that I’m actually not a monster.

I feel like Tyra Banks had something to do with this next one and I’m surprised it wasn’t a promo filter for America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 126

This is the universal “I want to post a selfie/send a selfie snap, but people have been making fun of me for posting/sending too many selfies”  go-to. I see what you did there ladies… I’ve gone through the same thought process myself. It’s not annoying if there are dog ears on it. It’s completely different than the other 7 you’ve exposed us to this week. I ain’t mad at cha.

And just to prove that I’m committed to my craft; This. 

Ps. I just realized there was a piece of string in my hair throughout the whole duration of my photoshoot. Adds character.


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