RO-Antically Involved

Some of you may remember that I used to make an effort to entertain others with my words on the internet. After a long hiatus, during which I was still consistently making myself (Ro) and about 3 people on Facebook laugh, the creative itch has taken over and here I am again.
Here is the Reboot my friends!
To begin, I’d like to simply list some things that I love and some things that I hate in no particular order. This is to get you acquainted with the level of dumb that will be going on here in my blog space.

Things That I Love:

  • The fact that Oprah Winfrey once told Lindsay Lohan that she needed to “Cut the Bullshit”. If you missed that pivotal moment in history, you can find it here:

You cut the Bull****!! You cut the Bull****!! EVERYBODY CUTS THE BULL***********!!!!

  • Pizza. Specifically when I only have to share it with one person or less.

  • The Phrase “I would rather shit in my hands and clap” to express feelings of REALLY not wanting to do something.

Things That I Hate:

  • Any pop song that includes a hook performed by Ludacris to attempt to appeal to a wider spectrum of people. This one is for you J Beibs. Stick to your target audience kiddo, you’re NAILING IT!


  • When people make me guess in casual conversation to emphasize their point. (ex. “You wouldn’t even believe how crowded the game was. How many people do you think were there?  I googled it after. Just take a guess!”)


  • People in social settings who make a joke and then repeat that joke until someone acknowledges that they made it with a forced smile. WE HEARD YOU. WE DIDN’T LAUGH. STOP EMBARRASSING ALL OF US.


That’s about it. Feel free to come back and experience the treasure trove of thoughts like these that I have running through my mind at all times. Consider us now Ro-Antically Involved.



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